One-stop package

M. Gaze & Co. Ltd.’s services are provided by our highly trained operatives. We can provide the complete package!


Specialist Equipment

M. Gaze & Co. Ltd. have created a unique set of tools and equipment designed specifically to solve all your waste management needs.


Waste Transfer Station

M. Gaze & Co Ltd's fully licensed waste transfer station has a capacity of 1000 tones and offers 24-hour, seven days a week waste management services.


M. Gaze & Co. Ltd. provides the complete waste solution.

M. Gaze & Co. Ltd. offers the complete waste management package to the public, business and industry. From ‘cradle to grave’ all areas of waste are recycled and processed at our onsite facility. We offer a large range of tailored services to suit everyone’s needs including our specialised fleet of vehicles which have been designed and manufactured in-house.

We have a secure, fully licensed waste transfer station and compost facility, which is designed to store, hold, treat, recycle, transfer and dispose of many types of waste product. As well as addressing the issues raised by both our local and national environmental needs, we’re committed to increasing and improving the recycling of all waste products. At M. Gaze & Co. Ltd we believe that this is an essential part of improving our world.

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